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Images of students completing NEDP type tasks

NEDP - National External Diploma Program

Need to get your high school diploma? Did you know there another way to get that diploma? NEDP’s innovative approach uses the skills you’ve gained from life and work experience to demonstrate your reading, writing and math high school level skills. 

  • Assesses high school-level skills awarding a traditional diploma

  • Designed for self-directed out-of-school youth and adults with life and work experiences and a general familiarity with the computer

  • Offers flexible scheduling and confidentiality

  • Includes tasks for in-demand career and life experiences in Financial Literacy, Health Literacy, Civic Literacy, Geography, History, Science, and Twenty-First Century Workplace.

  • Evaluates skills based on the Common Core College and Career Readiness standards.

Interested? Check out the NEDP page to find out more! 

Picture of our student of the month, Lucia Reyes, holding her cerficate

Lucia Reyes - Credit Diploma Program Student of the Month

Congratulations to Lucia Reyes, our student of the month! With near perfect attendance, she has excelled at NRAE. Lucia completes her assignments with thoughtfulness and care, and is never afraid to ask questions for clarification when she doesn’t understand. Lucia has a kind and helpful personality which shines through to her peers. In the fall she will enroll at Three Rivers Community College in the healthcare field, either as a sonogram technician or registered nurse. After experiencing Lucia’s strong work ethic, we all have no doubt that Lucia will be successful in both school and career!

Picture of Student of the Month Francisco with his teacher Angel

Congrats to Francisco Escandon Tibillin, our Evening ESOL Student of the Month! So what does his teacher, Angel, have to say about him? “Outgoing, optimistic, friendly, open-minded, humorous, smart, tenacious, resilient and kind.” Wow! How can someone have it all? Immigrating here from Ecuador, Francisco works hard to support his daughter, while being a powerful role model for her with his commitment to learning English with us! He demonstrates this great dedication by showing to class consistently, participating actively and helping the class flow with his input and engagement. No wonder his classmates enjoy him so much-such a personality ignites the class!